I had to come and share my winnings! Woot Woot! You all know I participated (although not as much as I would have liked) in NJ Wool Walk last month. I was able to visit a few stores, I think it was four in all, one of which  was Do Ewe Knit. I was so excited when I got the call saying I had won, but I had to go back to Buffalo so I had to wait.

Well I am home for mother’s day and I went and picked up my winnings. Here is what was in the bag:


There skeins of Yarn, but I have to find out the brand, a DEK project bag and stitch marker. A bucket so I can carry my yarn to the beach and some seeds I could plant. I am happy, yup, I sure am!! *giggles* Let me show you the yarn a bit closer 🙂