Hello to all my fiber friends, you know what time it is right? Time to shine the light on another of my fiber friends. This woman (her name is Lelah) entered my life in a little box titled “YarnBox”. Her yarn was featured in one of the earlier boxes and oh my word, the love affair was instant. Check out my Video Review here  the yarn is called Biography and I just love it! Soooo imagine how happy I was when she agree to have a chat with me.

1. What came first the knitting or the dyeing?
Knitting came first, in 2002, because I wanted a Harry Potter scarf. I taught myself from online videos, and then soon realized I wanted better yarn. I was actively a part of a pre-Ravelry online knitting community on Livejournal (WOW, long time ago!), and was introduced to spinning, and subsequently dyeing then. There was no Etsy back then, only eBay, so I would buy undyed top and also raw fleeces that way. I would have to prepare everything myself, and learned it ALL online. My first dyeing was done with Kool-aid, in my college apartment.
2. Wow, in your college apartment, Love it!! So Fable Fibers, how did you come up with that name?
I have always loved to read, it’s one of my favorite ways to escape. So I combined the two loves of mine into something alliterative and memorable. I registered the business and got my federal tax ID in 2005, but life happened, and I couldn’t really start it until 2013.
photo 2
3. How long have you been creating these beautiful colors and what motivated you to go into business?
I’ve always loved color, and spent the first part of college at an art school. I realized that fine art wasn’t for me, and that fiber arts was where my heart was. I was motivated to go into business to initially find a way to pay for more fiber equipment, like a lot of people do!
4. Do you spin your yarn also?
I no longer sell handspun, but when I did, it was under the name Woolgathered.
5. What is your most popular yarn?
Either Biography DK or Novel. Biography DK is getting two new sisters this summer, Biography Worsted and Biography Bulky.
Did she say Biography Bulky? I just died and when to yarn heaven!! 
6. What has been your most gratifying moment during the life of Fable Fibers?
ANYTIME anyone says that they love my yarn, and that the color makes them happy. I LOVE that. I dye because color makes me happy, so to share the love is the BEST, BEST, BEST thing!!
photo 1
So yeah, I love her!! LOL! If you are a yarnho like me 🙂 please go check her out. Thanks Lelah for taking the time to talk with me. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter  and her website 
I will leave you with the cowl I made with her FABULOUS yarn.
Lovely Ribbed Cowl by Purlsoho
Until next time remember with every stitch, always weave in a ‘lil love