Hello my fiber friends, it has been a week and I thought “GG, did you forget you have a blog?” I found a new toy last night, its called Canva. Its a free graphic design site I used to create a pic to post on Social Media. I will come back with my thoughts on Canva soon, because I hit the Iamnotadesigner jackpot. So when I posted this pic on InstaGram, I had no idea what I started. The comments have me cracking up, so I had to come share.


So is it like choosing a favorite child? Hahahahahahahaaa Let me first admit that I ask this question for purely selfish reasons; you see, I want to be sure I’m not missing out. What??? You read the title right? Yarnho that’s me and I’m proud of it! I mean there is just so many variables. Do you have a favorite brand, do you have a favorite weight, a favorite blend even? See what I mean? So when I go in my stash and molest, I mean caress my babies, much like a mother..I love them all equally. What about you? Do you Plead the 5th? Hilarious! I love my fiber friends.