Can we talk about buttons? While on the #NJWW this past weekend I came across a bowl full of buttons at Chelsea Yarns . They were displayed in this oversized glass and were bright and fun. I wanted the WHOLE glass, yes , yes we have already discussed this; I have an addictive personality. Don’t forget this is a judge free zone….hahahahahahahahaha!  Image

There is something about a button that finishes a project just right and the possibilities are endless. I love a big bright button, it just makes me smile.  A button can absolutely make or break a project. I especially like if they have a funky shape, you know something out of the ordinary. Yes the fun is absolutely in the finishing touches unless you want to discuss seaming, and I don’t want to discuss seaming.  So I am sure you have guessed that I have quite a few buttons. I was recently blessed by a Facebook friend who sent me a box full of vintage buttons she found in her grandmother’s home while preparing to move. I hit the button jackpot! Image

Some of my most popular items on my Etsy shop were those that included buttons



I just absolutely love a good button, I could and have spent hours searching for the “right” button to enhance one of my handmade items. In my opinion the right button sends the project over the top. I have recently acquired a few new buttons, lets take a look…

ImageImageImageSo of course the question then becomes what comes first? The project or the button? LOL you know what I would say, but how does that work for you?