Whew! Talk about a yarn filled weekend. It was the NJ Woolwalk and I got my yarnbox!

20140429-005427.jpg now you wanna talk about torn between two loves. I was excited and confused all at once. What’s a girl to do? Rip open the box now or wait til I hit the Wool Walk? Decisions, decisions…so I slept on it or should I say with it? Yea I slept with my unopened YarnBox, what? This is a judge free zone dang it!

Let me first say the main reason I LOVE the Yarnbox  is they are so good to me. They introduce me to all sorts of yarn companies I wasn’t even aware of, so I could call them my pimp! Hahahahahahahahahahaha, they feed my addiction and quite nicely I might add.


So, I made my rounds to the few stores I could hit and then the dilemma was do I play with my new yarn from the NJWW or rip this box open? Well my YB won, wanna see?


Hey! Back up off the screen! This is a no touching zone, hahahahaaaahaha but I’m serious. I know you just rubbed the screen because the richness of this yarn screamed at you didn’t it? I know, wanna see it again?

20140429-010205.jpg The yarn is by a company called Fyberspates and the yarn is called VivaciousDK.  This beauty is 251 yards of 100% merino wool or better yet it’s good to my fingertips! I have 2 skeins and I can wait to use it! The richness of the tones companies by the extreme softness, just won my heart. I mean the way the colors just ebbs and flows, like it’s taking you on a journey down each strand of wool. It’s just, well…sexy to me ☺️

This months box also included like a scissor like thingybob, pretty cool. Have you subscribed yet, because I’m nice and all but

20140429-011211.jpg lol! I will be back with my thought on the NJWW.