Saturday Spotlight

Pull up a chair while I tell you about another wonderful person I found with my addiction to yarn. Fiber lovers near and far, young or old, trust me when I say this is probably one of the biggest needles you will ever hold. Ha! I made a rhyme! LOL! This my friends is the one and only Tammy Desanto, owner and creator of Go-Girl Knitting.

I was searching for Giant needles and yarn one evening and I stumbled across her website. I was instantly intrigued and I had to have a set. I can be a bit of a punk so I ordered the baby Giants  (19 inches long) and I am still coveting the Giants (40 inches long) . Before I totally share her with you, let me show you one of the first things I made with her fabulous needles.  This giant scarf was made with 4 strands held together at once. When I tell you I made that scarf in little over an hour. It is a monster, measuring at 7 feet of yummy yarn!!

IMG_6701_FINAL copy4etsy

So let me stop going on and on and give it to you straight from her:

Me: Hey Tammy, first thank you for taking the time to chat with me. So tell me which came first, knitting or the Giants?

Tammy: Knitting, of course!

Me: Ok, so how long have you been knitting and crocheting and which came first?

Tammy: First came knitting. I have been knitting for about 10 years. I was on bed rest during the pregnancy with my second daughter, when one day, my mom showed up with yarn and needles to save the day. YEAH MOM!
I actually learned how to crochet about a year ago.  My customers were beating down my doors for a GIANT Crochet Hook, and I thought “How can you put out a product you don’t even know how to use?”, That’s when I taught myself, with the help of YouTube, how to crochet.

Me: Way to Go Mom!! How did you come up with the idea of the Giant Needles and the name? I love it!

Tammy: I started a pattern that called for US 17 needles and got hooked! I soon found myself moving on to US 19, US 35’s, and finally US 50’s. I was in love! (The kind when you know it’s a match made in Heaven!) It wasn’t long after that, the search for even bigger needles started. After endless hours of searching the internet, NOTHING! Really!? What!? Come On Now!! Thus, the GIANTS were born. While in the process of creating them I started calling them my GIANTS and, well it stuck.

Me: It’s a great thing that it stuck. I understand you make the Giants yourself, can you tell me more?

Tammy: Yes, each pair of the GIANTS is 100% hand crafted, out of solid wood by one of my helpers and myself. In the beginning, my step-dad is a woodworker by hobby, so together, and we made my idea a reality… supersizing the knitting needle. We worked on the first few pairs together until I mastered the trade. Soon all that equipment moved into my house, and it was 100% me.
I still work full-time and have a busy family of 4 to take care of, so today I do have amazing helpers because I couldn’t keep up with the demand all alone! I can guarantee you each topper is hand painted by me, recently painting my 10,000th polka dot! WOW, Right?!?!

Me: WOW is right, congratulations!! Do you create your own designs?

Tammy: Yes. I create all the Go-Girl Knitting designs. You should see my idea book! I need 10 lifetimes, or a few Go-Girl clones, to make them all happen.

Me: you are just a superwoman. What challenges have you faced with Go-Girl Knitting?

Tammy: I would say my biggest challenge was in the beginning, while keeping up with the demand for the Go-Girl GIANTS. I was working all day, being a mom and wife (at least trying), and then I was working in the garage till 3am, spinning needles. Although I try to convince myself otherwise, I am not Superwoman.

Me: Hahahahahahaa, well I surely think you are! What would you say has been your most rewarding experience with Go-Girl Knitting?

Tammy: There are so many things about this that are rewarding to me. Where do I start? My most rewarding experience is ongoing, and it lies within, meeting all these amazing people and the friendships that have come out of it. The Go-Girl GIANT Collection is all about FUN and being able to bring fun times into people’s lives is the best feeling ever! I’m also not going to lie; it’s pretty darn cool to see what all these awesome fans are creating with my products!

Thank you Tammy, that was great! So can you see why she is one of my favorites? NO? not yet..well check out the GIANT view

IMG_9324 IMG_8347 IMG_9326


Still want more? Well you find Tammy at the following places:

When you see her and her Giants, tell her GG sent you!