lacey sissiI said I needed, wanted, no craved some instant gratification and that is EXACTLY what I got!! As you all know I was working on a challenging yet satisfying project, the  So Faux Cowl and I needed a quick fix. LOL I said I was addicted so don’t judge me. As I mentioned in my last YouTube video FOF: Finished Object Friday I explained how I went through my stash and decided to finally make my Lacey Sissi. I have had this kit for about a year and I am so very happy I picked it up.IMG_1512


The main reason I grabbed it was the required needle size is US19, can you see my huge smile yet?  The kit comes with 100% peruvian Cotton that just feels like heaven and the construction is just enough to keep your attention. It works up really quickly and I think my favorite part is the texture that is created.  The baby measures in at a cool 93 inches long and 12 inches wide, now….because of the openness of the stitches it can/will be worn as a shawl .


The drape just screams wrap me around a little black dress and drive them wild! Today I wore it for the first time and I doubled it up around my neck.


This will absolutely become my Spring go to accessory, hands down. I have purchased kits from Wool and the Gang before and they have just increased my loyalty 100%.


IMG_1558 IMG_1557