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Fiber family today I would like to shine some some light on my fiber friend Kim Gregoire. 

If I remember correctly we met via YouTube and I instantly fell in love with her creations. The title fits perfectly because she is truly bold with her colors as well as textures. The odds of us ever meeting were slim because I am in NJ and she is in California. Well, well, who had a work assignment in Victorville CA? I did! So who got the chance to not only meet her but hang out in shop for yarn together? Yup yup me!!


our mini yarn crawl 🙂

So I wanted to ask her a few questions and share some of her beautiful creations.

Me: I love the name Bold Creations Crochet, how did you decide on that name?

Kim: My mother in-law at the time and my then husband RIP, were trying to come up with a name for his media business and they came up with the name Bold Solutions. Bold is a acronym for Believe Our Lord Delivers! In 2000, two months after giving birth to my youngest son Wesley I had a aneurysm . The LORD delivered and that is where the name came from Bold Creations. I had to believe that the LORD would fully deliver me! The doctors said that I needed to do something to stimulate my brain and I decided to make bead jewelry. I put my pieces in a boutique called JWisdom Clothing, and at the time crochet was making a come back and I decided to incorporate crochet beaded beanies to my jewelry.

Me: Wow, I love that is has such personal meaning for you. So how long have you been crocheting and who taught you?

Kim: I have been crocheting since I as about 9 or 10 years old. My awesome mom taught me how to crochet.

Me: That’s about the same age I learned to crochet, something else we have in common. So Kim I have seen your work and always wanted to know, do you follow a pattern or create from scratch?

Kim: I can and have used both patterns as well as made up my own free hand projects. I have also been known to put together the pieces from different projects that I like, thereby creating my own pattern

Me: Yes I have seen pieces where you would use two different textured yarns. Do you have a favorite yarn?

Kim: I can’t, please don’t make me chose a yarn, I am like you, I love them all!!

Me: what about crochet hooks, do you have a favorite brand?

Kim: No not really, the usually work with a size H hook, but can’t say that I have fallen in love with any particular brand

Me: ok, great stuff, I am going to share some of my favorite pieces from your work. So this is my last question. What advice would you give someone learning to crochet for the first time?

Kim: Don’t be afraid to go balls out!! lol!! you get it balls?! But, no seriously, don’t be afraid be bold and take it one stitch at a time.

Well thank you Kim for spending a few minutes with me and for being my first Spotlight Saturday!! Below you will find some of her work and here is a  link to her FACEBOOK page, go check her out. bccSANY0102_1


AND my favorite