Is always the question. Should I use solid colors, should I use multiple colors, should I use bright colors, or should I use neutral colors? I can and have spent hours upon hours in a yarn store trying to determine what color yarn to purchase. I will seek the advice or suggestion of anyone near (poor things, I hold them hostage until I make a decision). Does your selection depend on the season or do you just stick to your favorites? Does your immediate surroundings influence your choice? How do you make a decision? I, being constantly pimped by local yarn stores, can never easily make up my min, so I get them all!! Ughhhhhhh the struggles of a yarnho!

For example, when I saw this yarn on the Yarnover Truck, it was actually screaming my name, what? it was!! So I had to bring it home with me. Did I need it? NO. Did I have a project that it would be perfect for? NO. Did I purchase it anyway? YUP, I mean look at it wouldn’t you?

And this bright beauty right here, I just had to have it. I was just killing time in this yarn store before heading back to the airport. LOL if you could have seen me trying to stuff this yarn into my suitcase in the parking lot! hahahahahahahahaha

So how do you decide when it comes to color? I mean it is an attack on your senses, my neck is sore from whipping my head back n forth. *sigh* I need help. Like this one for instance, you guys know I like the chubby why did I purchase this skein? Well it’s all those colors together,they just pulls at my entire life. LOVE!!!

Then you have hand dyed and spun and it’s thick n thin and it’s all the colors I love. Come on!! I get points for walking away 5 times, yes I said 5 times I walked away from this booth and came back each time hoping someone had purchased it. NOPE it would be sitting there looking at me, soooooo I had to and I truly mean I HAD to bring this home with me 🙂
hand dyed

So, how do you decide what color yarn to purchase? Talk to me in the comments.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my last post What’s GG making now

Remember with every stitch, always weave in a ‘lil love