It’s Friday night and I had a hot date with not 1 but 2 skeins of yarn. I told you I am a yarnho! hahahahahaahahahahahaa. After a long day at work, I came home and whipped up a nice refreshing drink (pineapples, almond milk and honey) and set out to put some miles on this CowlFridaynight

As I said to you all before, this project, So Faux Cowl, presents 2 new skills that I was avoiding like the flu!! I am a “thebiggerthebetter” type knitter and therefore accustomed to completing projects super fast. Well now, we won’t have that round this here pattern. Woo, if it’s not trying to keep the yarn from tangling up, it’s making sure I am on the right square in the chart O-o.


I found myself ignoring the project, because I was struggling to get a flow and I just couldn’t see any progress. It seemed as if I was knitting for days and getting no where fast. Did I say I was a spoiled only child and if I don’t get my way I pout? I didn’t? Well there you have it. So because it wasn’t moving, neither would I..LOL


Well the last night I finally printed the pattern and started crossing out the rounds as I completed them. I also stopped looking at the pattern for each repeat and subsequently, I picked up speed. So I am on round 30 of a 42 round chart and I am finally seeing progress! Woot Woot!!