As we enter the season of YarnCrawls all over the country. I wanted to share a few pics from the Garden State Yarn Crawl, circa 2013. My girlfriend and I hit ALL the shops; a total of fourteen (14). We did major damage, lol!! OH MY GOD I will NOT tell you the amount of money that was dropped that weekend…nope you can’t make me!

I crawled now I hope to walk, lol! This year the name has changed but the concept is basically the same. The NJWoolWalk takes place from April 24th – April 27th, with 19 shops full of YARNNNNNN!!! Isn’t that awesome? Can you imagine having access to that many yarn shops? You can find the details here, so go check it out. If I am home that weekend I will definitely hit up some shops, in the meantime here are some pics from last years crawl. If you see me walking, say Hey GG!!

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