Baby Giants from Go-Girl Knitting

So despite my utter infatuation with my beloved yarn, she (my yarn) can’t do it all alone. Well, she can but that’s another post for another day. Let me get to the point…pun intended :).

I have been knitting for roughly 3 or 4 years and have grown accustomed to the fact that each project brings about a new skill. What I was surprised to learn was all the different types of needles. The first pattern that required DPNs made me say “wait, WHAT!?”. Yea I say that a lot, anyway, thank God for my other love Google. I discovered that DPNs means double-pointed needles, which are normally used when making socks or closing the top of hats. Then I came across a pattern that required the use of circular needles; which I quickly fell in love with and is what I use most often, no matter the project.

Circular needles

 So not only do needles come in a variety of types (straight, double-pointed and circular) they also come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase a needle in a size “yea right” US 0 (smallest) to a “OMG” US 150 (largest I have seen) and I have them all.  Wait, you all don’t know about Go-Girl Knitting and her Giants? I love my GIANTS!!  Go ahead and say it, “GG you are out of control!”.  Hey! no judging hahahahahahahaha! I think you all  know that I am a Chunky Yarn lover, so the large needles make me super happy. Can you say instant gratification? Can you say a beautiful scarf/cowl in a few hours? Ok let me calm down.

some of my needles
a few of my needles 🙂

I even have a pair of needles that are triangle, yup found them on Etsy. I thought they were so cool. I can’t say that I have used them yet (I have issues, don’t judge me). I  do however, have a little more control when it comes to needles in comparison to  my yarn. 

Triangle Needles
Triangle Needles

 So which needle is the best? I am still searching for that needle I can’ t live without.  I talked about types,  sizes  and now lets talk materials. Knitting needles can be made of plastic, bamboo, wood, and metal. I have used them all at one point or another. If I had to pic a favorite material, I would lean towards wood. The metal needles scare me. I always feel like my stitches will slide off and we can’t have that!

How much do they cost you ask? Well just like all things the scale goes from cheap to say what? Some of my favorite brands are Lantern Moon, KnitPicks and my dream, Signature Needle Arts. Oh my goodness those signature needles are so sexy, woo wee!!!  Addi lace is another popular brand that I just recently acquired. What? This is a judge free zone, remember?

As you can see, the point can vary, lol.  When you are shopping for knitting needles,  be prepared whether you go to a local yarn store or order online. You will have options.

Remember with every stitch, always weave in a ‘lil love.


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