When life and well Apple get in the way of knitting

So it’s like a week since I knit or purl, yes you read it right! I have not knit in 7 whole days.

Why? Well I am a new commuter and because of that my days are like 13 hours long. Therefore, if I sit still I pass all the way out. Then, there was my other obsession….the new iPhone was released and well of course I had to have it IMG_0019.JPG

I mean one must be able to clearly see Ravelry right? And who doesn’t want the best pic of their hard handmade work? Listen it’s even easier to blog from this phone, so there. I ran home from work to play with Goldy <—-what I call my phone and slept all day today.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get a few rows done and get back in the flow of things. I mean I should be able to swoon over Goldy and knit too, right?

2014-09-10 17.27.22

Why I Knit….

You all know I love to knit, and ultimately we knit to create. I learned to knit probably 4 or 5 years ago at this point..but in 2012 is when GGmadeit was born, it’s when I began knitting to save my life, it’s when I began knitting to avoid my fears, its when knitting became my therapy.

I woke up to a post on Instagram that rocked me to tears. Because it is Thursday we must THROWBACK in the form of pictures, so a friend posted a pic in one of my first sold pieces. She went on to “tell a story” and that story should be titled “Why I Gaye Glasspie”

She said “I have a story to tell about this scarf/hat thing. Lol. The person who made this is so special to me. She started knitting at a time when everything was going wrong. She could have given up but we encouraged her her to pursue her gifts, talents and passions. She lost a lot during that period, but she has gained so much since then. She is a true testament to the power of faith, prayer and perseverance. This was my first piece from ggmadeit and I rock it proudly every winter….”


I am truly blessed to have some wonderful people in my life. Melanie, I love you girl!! You helped me decide on colors, patterns and even gave me my baby Yarnae IMG_5413 yes my mannequin has a name! lol! She made me laugh when I wanted to cry and prayed when I COULDN’T stop crying. I love this chic and this is one of the many reasons why.

I can’t explain how knitting has and continues to keep me from falling apart. When I tell you EVERYTHING THAT COULD GO WRONG DID! Woo wee, just thinking about it makes my eyes leak. I thank God for my yarn, as it is definitely the string that holds me together.

When life presents a challenge..KNIT



That time when…

I left home with my project and no yarn ;/

So let me paint this picture. I went to bed at a decent time, I woke up before the alarm went off, I mean I thought I overslept…I was so ready for my day. The train was on time, I got a seat without an issue. I get comfortable and I pull out my WIP and that is when I noticed my problem. I have enough yarn to knit 1, maybe 2 rows? Ain’t nobody got time for that! What was I thinking?


I know I have shared that knitting centers me, it’s my happy place, right? So having a yarn shortage is so NOT a good thing for me. I mean I am a trainer, I have to be professional..I NEED to be centered to do that.

I mean it when I say yarn is the string that holds me together.  I am currently falling apart and its only 10:27AMScreen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.48.54 PM

I figured it out!!!!

Guys remember I asked how UFO’s were born? Well I know the answer…it happens when you stumble across a pattern on Pinterest and you run to Ravelry to search for the pattern; and fall in love.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 4.51.11 PM

Then you order the said pattern complete with the yarn to start/finish the project. All of which arrives at your door less than 2 days later. O-o





I so want to put down what I am doing (the snowdrift infinity cowl) and start this very simple yet striking wrap! OMG if I could just knit faster. But I have been a good girl and I am still plucking away at my cowl. 




When all is fails…..#iKnit

As I approached the train station before the sun and begun to feel, well annoyed. I grabbed my WIP and worked a row or two and Pow! Instant better. So I got to thinking, what other normal life events lead to knitting?

1. Because the sun rises #iKnit
2. Because I popped a button on my sweater, while the grubby man on the subway is watching #iKnit
3. Because I read that Hello Kitty is NOT a kitty?? #iKnit slowly..she has whiskers though O-o
4. Because the battery on my phone died #iKnit
5. Because I have $3 in my pocket and I’m hungry #iKnit
6. Because I missed train after running down the stairs #iKnit while breathing deeply
7. Because Football season is back! #iKnit
8. Because I have all this dayum yarn so of course #iKnit
9. Because I’m single #iKnit, wait is that why I am single? #iWonder
10. Because it’s the last weekend of the summer #iKnit

What’s GGmaking now?

I saw this infinity cowl on Ravelry that seemed simple enough, so I casted on. The pattern is called Snowdrift Infinity Cowl by Kalurah and it’s free. I had this YUMMY yarn I purchased from Chelseayarns during the NJ Wool walk and I was itching to use it. The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, which is 100% merino wool and my goodness, well you look at it and you will understand.


The pattern calls for the basket weave stitch and it looks so pretty. I read the pattern first, go me, because normallyI don’t 😳. I get all up in the pattern before I realize I should have read the instructions…duh!


A 2 row repeat I’d doable right? Of course, so here I go knitting along minding my stitches when I notice something is off. The pattern doesn’t look the same. Well, Gaye, the pattern said cast on an odd number and you did even, so WELP…there you go.

So here is what the pattern looks like in comparison to what I am working on. I am going to keep going though. Lesson learned.




Knit on


When your UFO turns into WITEH!


So can we talk about that ball of yarn that is the end result of my UFO turned “what in the entire hell?!” Can we? Well if you said no, stop reading now, because I’m rolling up my sleeves and cracking my knuckles.

Now, as I said in the post about the then WIP, I had done this before; therefore, this should have been a breeze right? Honey bunches of NOPE :/ (Awesomely Luvvie) I mean if I think about it, my mistake came in the dropping the last time, but it wasn’t this bad. I have no idea what went wrong.


The knitting is/was pretty straight forward, no issues there. The drama came when it was time to drop the stitches. Should be simple enough, but it just didn’t come out right. I took my time and pulled each ladder, hoping, praying that would work…but I got these big gaps. Did I say it was 2am and the good ole alarm goes off at 4:15? Yeah THAT! Needless to say I was anything but happy.


So about that time when you didn’t mean to drop the stitch and uhm…yea achieved the perfect ladder, so what happened here? Talking about being over it! Like my favorite T-shirt says #iCant I was completely UNABLEtoCan…so there is that!

I just didn’t like it, so I ripped it baby, I ripped it right. Lol wrong song….
but you get the picture. I like the yarn too much to waste it, so back to the drawing board.


So can we call this #UNFINISHEDFriday? hahahahahahahaaa