Sometime you have to start over…

Remember this guys? Remember how excited I was to get my hands on this yarn? Remember I couldn’t wait to knit it up, just started knitting didn’t do any research..LOL I need help I tell you I do.

IMG_1418Well after having it for a while I wasn’t really pleased. I didn’t feel like I got the most out of this beautiful yarn. So I took it apart and decided to try again. I grabbed my baby Giants and went to work. Because sometimes you have to start over again

IMG_1704So I cast on like 7 stitches and start knitting stockinette, only to discover that wouldn’t be enough to have anything….start over yet again


This time I cast on 5 and did a simple garter stitch and that did it! I am finally happy with the end product. I love what I can accomplish with my Giant needles. One of these days I will. This is exactly what I saw in my head when I purchased the needles from Go-Girl Knitting.


Have any of you done that? Recycled yarn? because I have 2 more things I took apart and plan on reusing the yarn. I want to make those chunky hats I keep seeing on the internets!!





Throwback Thursday| The knitting Edition

Am I the only one that looks at the early handmade stuff and think “I remember when I couldn’t do that?” Well in honor of throwback Thursday I pulled out the first cowl I made, circa 2011

The pattern is Knit Ridge Cowl by Lion brand and it was my first attempt at purling in the round. This is also around the time my yarn crush began

I was in awe of the brilliant colors. They were bright and fun and yes I had to make something to showcase the Yum! This yarn came from Loopyarn in Philadelphia, PA. Yup the very same place I had the pleasure of finally visiting this past Sunday. The yarn is called Sheep 1 yarn and has since been discontinued 😞 I was so very proud of myself when I finished this baby. Every time I wear it someone asks if I want to sell it πŸ‘€ and my answer is ……all the NOPES in Nopeville


Do you have a piece you made back in the day that makes you beam with pride? Do tell

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on….


Wear it Wednesday

I have declared today as #wiw I have asked all my crafty friends to post pics of what they are wearing that they made today. On Instagram and Facebook, so why not here too.

It appears olemanwinter is confused as hell, therefore, everyday I am wearing something I made so I don’t freeze to death. Burrrrrrr


What are you wearing today that you made? #wiw

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on


Yarn and Stevie wonder

I am so sure you read this title and was like wait what? πŸ‘€ ha I made you look πŸ˜†

The yarn
The fact that I need therapy, devine intervention even is neither here nor there. Wait, what’s does that really mean? Why is that something one says? Anyway I have a yarn addiction we know THAT!

Stevie Wonder
Another addiction of mine is music. Every Tuesday like clockwork I was in Bestbuy to check out what was new. I am the same with concerts, when my favorites are performing I must go. So one day in class we were talking favorite concerts and I say Mr Wonder was on my Concert Bucket list. Well you know my students surprised me with VIP tickets to the Show in Philly😊
If you are a fan and get a chance, GO! Songs in the Key of Life was my first album and so yea what an ahhhhmazing experience. I will never be able to thank them properly

The point
Soooo after the ugly tears from the music lover, the yarnho took over. I mean The concert was in Philly AND Loopyarn is in Philly sooooo πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ yea I had to go! I mean I order from them ALL the time, so I’m in town why not drop in right? Right 😍

The store
There’s something almost spiritual that happens when I visit a yarn store. First I have to take in the view from outside




Window dressings tells a story and they had a poncho in the window 😍 they were already winning and I hadn’t even opened the door yet.

Then of course I go inside and I like a nice friendly staff βœ”οΈ a variety of yarn weight, types and colors βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ and nice samples to get my fingers tingling. Well fiber lovers near and far, Loop Yarn nailed it! If you are in or near Philly and you love yarn, GO! In the meantime, come on inside with me





I was so happy and not sure where to look first





And I am absolutely going back! They are having a class with the only and only Mr West! Yes sir!!! Wait here is more and you know I got my Madeline Tosh Home, yes I did! πŸ˜‰





A review of my purchases will come in another post. Do you have a yarn shop bucket list?

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on…


My BFF knits too

Ya’ll know I LOVE to knit and for someone who doesn’t I can be annoying as hell! Yup I know there are other things in the world to discuss and well, so! I wanna and am gonna talk yarn and knitting, ALL THE TIME! Insert this woman right here, the one and only Teresa Williams or Crochetme1 (her IG name)

We met at Morgan State University in 1984 and became fast friends. As fate would have it, life took us in different directions but imagine my delight when we discovered we had crocheting in common. Lol you have to hear her tell the story about me abusing her as I taught her how to knit. πŸ˜† lies, all lies I tell you!

Anyway, she is the reason I am yarnho, she took me to my first LYS (local yarn store) Knitknack, in Maplewood NJ and baby, I lost my whole mind. Yup it’s her fault! So as you can imagine, the two of us at a yarn store/fair/crawl/walk are dangerous

Yes she made the vest she is wearing and these things too




Love having someone who understands my crazy.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on

Thick n thin

That moment when….Yarn Happens

So I Β find a yarn in my stash that I have no idea where I got it from. Β I mean I normally keep the tags so I can tell folks when asked. All I remember about this one is I got it from the NJ Fiber Arts Festival last year (2013) and I remember she only had one skien..but the colors..I had to have it. Anyway I knit up said yarn, because well I MUST knit at all times AND someone ask “is that for someone?” and I say “no, I am going to put it up for sale” and they say “SOLD!” Now all of that is good UNTIL I finish and I want to keep it!


To infinity and beyondNow I am on the hunt. LOL I need more of this yarn NOW!! LOL I didn’t think, well yea I clearly didn’t think. I can’t NOT sell it now and I so want to keep it! LOL That’s what I get for knitting in public. It’s nobody’s business! hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha! Knitting is private dayumit!

UPDATE: As I was typing this post I found the fabulous person I got this magnificent yarn from her name is Laura Spinner and her shop is called Rainbow Twist Shop on Etsy. Soon you all know I will be getting more of said yarn..right?


Knit on my fiber friends, knit on



More than enough yarn, very little time


Every now and then I will grab a bunch of hanks to wind them into cakes…..just in case. Just in case I grow another set of dayum arms and can knit two things at once. Just in case I hit the lottery and I can knit all day and night in my studio. Yes I would get a studio. A studio full of yarn, organized by weight and color. Just in case I actually get to the bottom of my never ending favorites list on Ravelry. Yes just in case.

I mean you have to have yarn that’s ready to knit up at all times. I mean what if you finish and you don’t have anything set up to do next?


I have resorted to carrying extra yarn and needles for my….yup you guessed it: my just in case project πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ I know I need help. I know I can’t be the only one that has the yarn but not the time.

Let’s discuss