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Am I the only one who slows down at the end of a WIP to determine what to do next?


So before I finished the cape I took the time to wind some yarn. I mean you gotta be ready right? I take a stroll through my Ravelry favorites, just so I know what’s up next. I think I told you guys that I get the yarn and the pattern finds me. Well I wanted to do something simple and easy so I casted on a hat with my new mink yarn :) isn’t this purple dreamy?



The Cape | The Update

Hey family!

Well my yarn came the Monday after Rhinebeck and because I was mad I left it on the mail pile. I mean I had already started the Hen Plaid Wrap so yea, I didn’t even open it.

I waited until the weekend and decided to finish up. I took the partial Neck completely out because I hadn’t picked up the proper number of stitches anyway. I mean if I’m gonna finish and there is no longer a rush, may as well do it as instructed. So after I ripped it out I had a 2×2 ribbing party.

I knit most of Saturday away and I was just fine with that. My description of the perfect weekend includes tons of yarn, PJs, my DVR and take out. I did all of that and will not apologize about it. I ordered two more skeins so the plan was to use them both. I ended Saturday night at this point


Sunday, I’ll get up and do some house work, right? NOPE. I threw breakfast together and grabbed the Cape and headed to the sofa. It was football and knitting for me. Did I tell you all that no matter what my world presents when I am creating I am in my happy place? I did? Oh…
I went to bed after all of my shows on ABC and the last of Sunday night football. At this point I was so very sure that I would love the cowl neck better

I still had some rounds to knit so I threw it in my fringe supply Co project bag and k2p2’d all the way to Brooklyn.

My class went to lunch and that 60 minutes was all I needed and the rest as they say is history. I wore it home and I couldn’t be more proud.


I tend to doubt myself, but I did this and I love it


Now what to do next????? *stares at bag of yarn on bedroom floor*


It’s Friday and I finished :)

Hey family,

Remember that pattern I found on Pinterest and ordered it as fast as my lil fingers could type? It is called the Hen Plaid Wrap and I was tempted to put my cowl down? Remember? Well I needed something to knit on the train ride to Rhinebeck


So I cast on and off to the races I went. I think what got me were the colors and the plaid effect of course. You guys know I often doubt my knitting abilities and shy away from unchartered territory but I HAD to have this so stitch by stitch I did it!



The pattern is fairly simple as it’s just stockinette with the fancy stripe business. You guys know I knit obsessively right? You know I can’t breathe between projects, right? Like as I am typing this post I just realized I left home without a project


Ok, let me focus, back to the wrap. I truly enjoyed watching this unfold. Am I the only one that likes fringe but can’t be bothered to cut all the yarn to make said fringe? I can’t be… Go ahead admit it! Lol! Anyway last night my daughter and her friends went out to celebrate her 21st birthday, so yea THAT is why I sat up til 2am knitting. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I was able to cast off and get 3 of the 8 stripes done, before I exercised some mature behavior and got my tail in the bed. But not before snapping a pic

Don’t you love it? I know I do and it has given me a bit more confidence.
The girls got in safely and I finally fell asleep. I got up this morning and finished the remaining stripes because I wanted to wear it today ūüėČ I am so proud of this finished project. I can knit ya’ll






So….About Rhinebeck

Which one of you were assigned the duty of explaining Rhinebeck to me? *looks out in the cyber crowd* WHO was supposed to tell me to sit down and draw up a plan of attack? WHO I say? Who should have told me I would be completely overwhelmed? Somebody is in trouble.

The day started with a strikingly beautiful sunrise over the New York Skyline. I was eager and excited for my first Rhinebeck experience.
I went by myself because my buddy had to work, so I jumped on the train from Penn Station all eager to experience all that is Rhinebeck. The hour and 45 minute ride was peaceful enough; so I decided to cast on the Hen Plaid Wrap.¬†¬†More about that later, YES, I must knit at¬†all¬†times. :)¬†I arrive at the train station¬†unsure as to how I will get to the actual fairgrounds. Welp, wouldn’t you know, 50% of the folks on the train were headed to Rhinebeck. Let me find out this is REALLY as big a deal as I thought. The cabs¬†were lined up, waiting and even had a gentlemen¬†directing the traffic. For a small fee¬†($8) they¬†delivered you safe and sound to the entrance of the infamous NYS Sheep¬†& Wool Festival.
This map should have been my first clue. However, I am so very sure one of you were supposed to say “GG, make sure you have a plan” “make sure you know what is where and what you want”, “GG, go online and print the map so you know where you are going” or something…so I am mad at all of you! Because Rhinebeck blew my mind in such a way that I only purchased 2 things, yes you Read it properly. I, ME, the confessed yarnho, only purchased 2 things at¬†one of the most popular¬†Fiber festivals EVER. ¬†Let that sink in for a moment…..Yup she was OVERWHELMED.

I was completely OVERWHELMED, there was sooo much yarn and sooo¬†many people. The lines though, I wasn’t prepared for that. I mean I have stood on line..but it was like a MOB scene.¬†The lines forced me to say “excuse me, what is going on here?” I mean are they giving something away, wait I want some too. See I needed Teresa with me, she would have forced me to be organized vs. running around like…”oh look and wait, what is that?” “ooo that is pretty!” *feel, rub, squeeze*

IMG_2939.JPG¬†Even when I wanted to get something I didn’t want to waste time in line, because there was so much to see. ¬†The lines were like 30 minutes long or more! The Ms Babs section…I couldn’t even get close enough to see what all the hype was about. I mean I wanted to be hyped too! Man next year I am staying for the weekend!




I mean don’t get me wrong, I had a blast! I will ABSOLUTELY go again.¬†I met so many fiber friends from Instagram. They are all worthy of following. I will put their IG names below the picture. ¬†I mean I have been talking Fiber with these beauties for over a year and it was so nice to hear someone say “GG? is that you?” “oh your cape looks nice!! YES people she wore the unfinished City Cape, yes she did! Quite a few folks that follow on IG said “I can’t even tell it’s not finished” Woot Woot, mission accomplished.

IMG_2936.JPGThat is the super talented Madgiddy on Instagram ^^^^^^^^

IMG_2938.JPGThese Two Knitting Divas ^^^^…I should have done a better shot, they made those sweaters JUST for Rhinebeck. I swear I want to be like them when I grow up! The extreme left is Trinikandy and the middle is Creativececi.

IMG_2934.JPGI didn’t get her IG name but she was like “GG I was up with you at 3am routing you on!” hahahahahaha kniting like I was INSANE you hear me?

IMG_2935.JPGThis is KnittingFever, don’t you¬†love her face paint? She made me laugh, she¬†said when you walked by I pulled up your picture and showed my daughter. “is that this lady?” LOL so very happy to meet my fiber¬†friends

Speaking of friends, let me introduce you to a few new ones. :) I was completely in love with the animals. OMG!! Super cute!!





That is Sharon, the owner/creator of The Ablet. She came to hang out with me :)

So once Sharon arrived I had someone to hang out with and we ate more french fries than we should have, but they were soo good. Ravelry had a little meet up and everyone had on buttons but me ;/ I want a Ravelry button (I felt left out) hahahahahaahahahahaha. The fair grounds were gorgeous. I think everyone there took a picture of this tree.The Rhinebeck Tree….it was breathtaking!! Wait can we talk about the Apple crisp Sundae??? Good Lord I swear I had an outer body experience!!!! That thing was spiritual it was so good!


I can hear you guys all like “Come on GG show us your Rhinebeck Haul” Well like I said, it wasn’t my usual Ihavenocontrolwhenitcomestoyarn purchase but a purchase none the less. I got a skein of Super Traveler from Dragonfly Fibers and I fell ALL the way in love with the Orient Express Collar kit. The kit includes the yarn, the fur, the leather closure and a metal label. Who is fancy? I am, I am!¬†IMG_1030

Rhinebeck 1, GG 0 but watch me next year…just you watch!




PurlBee’s City Cape

The last time I was here I was super excited about started my City Cape. As indicated in the last post, I carried it with me everyplace and worked on it every opportunity I could, which included the subway.

IMG_0824StitchesEast came and went and I didn’t attend (life issues) I decided I was going to Rhinebeck AND I was wearing my cape. Operation “get ER done” was in effect and I was knitting like my life depending on it!


I was so very sure I needed more yarn. I did a gauge and had to go up a needle size so yea, more yarn. It was set to arrive on Friday…Rhinebeck is on Saturday..I can do this, right?


I wasn’t sure about the I-cord edging since I had never done that before, but thank the cyber Gods for YouTube and Purlbee. ¬†I got that done and all that was left was the neck…I could do that right? Of course I could as long as my yarn was here when I got home from work. The plan was to knit as much as I could at work (during breaks and such) and then pull an all nighter, if need be. I even got a comment from Purlbee themselves on my Instagram :P All was right in the world.


I mean that is the rule right? You make something to wear to Rhinebeck, I mean I am newbie so that is what I was reading all over social media..so yeah I was knitting like a crazy person. I was all on track, picked up the stitches for the neck, although I don’t think I picked up enough, but dang it I was moving at a great pace. I got to the end of the yarn Friday during lunch break and that was cool because my yarn would be in the house when I got there. Right?IMG_0875WRONG!!! how about I checked the tracking only to find out that UPS had some sort of delay and my date was changed to Monday¬†IMG_0827

Wait, WHAT?? I mean I am not finished…I HAVE to wear this to Rhinebeck..WHAT am I going to do now? When I tell you I was about to cry, Real tears, right in front of my students. I love them, they were like “where is it, lets go get it!” FIELD TRIP! hahahahahahahahaha. So I went to my BFF and asked her what I should do, she said and I quote “you better pull that string through and make a bow, and wear that thing girl!!” another suggestion was to wear another cowl with it. Don’t you just love your Fiberfriends? <—–yes that is a friend type, don’t judge me.

When I got home I pulled out the cowls that I felt would look good and the modeling began. My daughter is so patient with me, sometimes O-o


I took both cowls with me as I didn’t know what the weather would bring and I wanted to be prepared…because YES I wore my not completely finished Cape and was a hit! So many folks stopped me and gave compliments. Woot Woot! I will come back with the finished Cape as soon as my yarn arrives.¬†IMG_0954My Rhinebeck review up next…




On a rainy Saturday morning….iKnit

Hello my Fiber Friends,

It was Saturday morning, it’s raining, it’s cold soooo I ran in the kitchen made me a cup of oatmeal, grabbed my knitting and hit the sofa! That’s how I do a lazy Saturday round these parts.

You may or may not know that I travel to Brookly EVERYDAY on the trains/subway and boy oh boy I am easily doing a 12 hour day. SOOOO that takes away from my knitting time. Who has time for that?billcosbyI¬†know I sure don’t! In my last post I told you all I finally went to Purl Soho and as a result I am working on the City Cape using the recommended yarn Alpaca Pure. Ok, ok, OKAY, YES it’s a little expensive, BUT and there is always a but…this is for me :) The one who makes her way back n forth to Brooklyn everyday..braving the crowds in Penn Station and let’s not add the subway¬†IMG_0517*giggles* Yea I blew the budget but OMG it felt like sex, (so here you ask, why is she always referring to sex? Can’t she think of anything else to use as reference? and the answer is I can but I WON’T hahahahahahahaha) Anyway back to the reason I am writing this post. Wait..oh yea my current project *sits up straight and gets serious*

IMG_0620Last weekend my Angela came for a visit because she wanted to go to Loopy Mango (I taught here to knit so look out world) and since Purl Soho was right around the corner, we went for a visit. I had just posted the link to the City Cape on my Facebook page and everyone agreed it should be made. NOW, I have always wanted to visit Purl Soho so here we go….I got in there and they had a sample of the Cape, look at God (don’t cha love Orange is the New Black?)

IMG_0747Anyway I put it on and that was it….I HAD to have one in THAT exact yarn…so fast forward to this weekend…and my long days, so no time to knit, right? Ha!! When GG is determined, she finds a way…I have been knitting every chance I get, on the train platform, on the subway, while my students are on a 15 minute break..I said EVERY minute, didn’t I?

IMG_0748That bag? Yeah that baby is from Fringe & Co...go get you one.

I even did a swatch, which I NEVER do. Meera would be proud of me, but I figured since I splurged I may as well make sure it’s right.

IMG_0687I am a little over 9 inches into the project and I am in love. The slipped stitches are just what you need for this NOT to be boring. This yarn generates a stitch definition that is making me look at MY knitting and say well DAYUM, you are good girl. I mean my skills are improving, but this yarn is making me look like I know what I am doing.



I am about to cast off for the armholes and the keep on trucking. I am so enjoying this project AND this yarn. Lord it feels so good. I mean I even sleep with it, well I sleep with all my yarn..hence the title of the blog. hahahahahahaahahahaa.

I will leave you with a few more pics of where I am currently and what the outcome should look like

IMG_0771 IMG_0805 IMG_0515


and of course I will come back with the finished project.


Knit on..








Happy I love yarn Day!


I should have the day off. Why must I work on this HOLIDAY? I want to just go from yarn store to yarn store and touch alllll the yarn! I mean one should have time to enjoy what you love!
I wonder if my boss will recognize this as a holiday?



Speaking of yarn stores, I finally got to PurlSoho! Talking about life imitating your dreams, it was EVERYTHING I expected! All the pretty colors, all the different fibers oh the sheer joy of it all!


IMG_0629.JPG I even got to try on the city cape which is on my needles right now!!


So because I have to work until 9pm tonight! Please go out and play with some yarn.

P.S. Every chance I get I will be knitting today. Wait, that’s normal…..oh never mind